Our Consulting and business development activity consists of the set of activities and techniques that we implement to contribute to the success of our customers. Evaluation of marketing opportunities and reference markets, business intelligence on customers and competitors, generation of leads for possible sales, sales follow-up activity, drafting of formal offers, contracts, design of business models, the search for real estate, the engineering and architectural design, the search for funding and contributions and finally the identification of markets and partners at an international level are some of the services we can offer. Business development involves the ability to evaluate a business and fully realize its potential, using tools such as marketing, sales, information management and customer service. In a healthy company, business development is an ongoing process, for a company that is emerging it even becomes a prerequisite. Successful business development generally requires a multi-disciplinary approach, the one we have adopted in our work since the beginning, through our consultants and partners around the world and experts in different sectors. A detailed 360-degree strategy is needed to grow the business the way you want, which can require expertise in different fields: from financial, to legal, to advertising. Business development is a tailored suit to be sewn for each customer and it is essential to create it with creativity, so that it can face new and unexpected challenges, keeping the company on the path of sustainable growth it has undertaken.


Public Affairs is often used as a term to indicate pressure on institutions or as a synonym for institutional relations. However, by Public Affairs we mean all the strategic activities of a company aimed at its stakeholders, i.e. the pre-market. We address all those forces that directly or indirectly create the competitive context in which the company must move. AB GROUP is one of the leading Italian companies in the field of institutional relations and lobbying: it is in fact among the first subjects registered in the Register of Interest Representatives at the Chamber of Deputies. We have a history of representing clients' interests at the highest economic, diplomatic and political level in Italy and in the world. Integrated with our other services and international relations, we have the ability to represent interests at the main national and local institutions in Italy and the European Union, but also in many other countries on different continents. In fact, we are present in various forms in about 38 countries around the world, thus we offer customers a 360-degree support for their business that goes beyond the borders of individual nations. We recognize that legislation and policy decisions in a wide range of sectors can affect the vitality of an organization in a profound way. Social or political resistance towards an activity or a product can even lead to its withdrawal from the market. Also for this reason among our most active consultants there are former officials, former professionals, former politicians and experts in various sectors belonging to the different countries in which we operate, all personalities with high-level experience in various fields and institutions; over the years we have thus acquired significant skills in a wide range of political and economic areas. Our professionals combine know-how, experience and close relationships with decision makers to initiate, implement or modify the results of our clients' interest policies, always from a sustainable perspective, which protects the public interest. EuReporter, one of the most widely read newspapers within the European institutions, has defined AB GROUP's working method: sustainable lobbying, referring precisely to the attention that our company has for public opinion and common interest. From European or international companies, enterprises or associations to foreign governments, political parties and private individuals, from Moscow to New York, via Rome and Brussels, and to many other world capitals, we can help create the necessary support together with energetic communication. support, regardless of the problem, using our network of relationships. We partner with international organizations and foreign governments around the world to facilitate relationships and help successfully conclude transactions.


Among our main services is the set of communication activities aimed at building and consolidating long-term relationships with the public and private reference partners of the company or organization, with the ultimate aim of positively influencing the image and on our client's reputation. Public relations, as well as our press office and social media management activities, have the fundamental task of promoting the development of a relationship of favor and mutual knowledge and understanding between the organization and its stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders. , business partners, media, representatives of institutions or associations and, more generally, the entire community in which our client operates. To pursue this purpose, PR initiatives are aimed at informing, raising awareness and influencing the opinions of all those subjects who can facilitate or hinder the organization in achieving its objectives, because they have specific decision-making powers or because they are deemed able to influence opinion leaders and influencers, such as the media. The public relations activities we carry out, therefore, can have multiple purposes: spreading the awareness of the company and its brands or products, improving and consolidating the corporate image among the various stakeholders, creating goodwill among opinion leaders and decision makers, involve and obtain the social consensus of the community on the company's projects, establish relations with the territory (public institutions, lobbies and groups), obtain credibility with the financial community (credit institutions, shareholders, investors) and develop fund raising activities, obtain a positive publicity or counteract a negative one, identify the company with a particular market segment, and much more. Our ten-year experience in the field of political-electoral communication allows us to be among the leading experts in this field, boasting excellent results through our consultants in the most important electoral and referendum campaigns held in Italy and in other countries, as it has brought us to have a considerable baggage of relationships with leading personalities from the journalistic, media and political world.

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